Sunday, September 9, 2012

Detoxing: "Carry On" by Martha Wash (Full Intention Club Mix)

In my "Balance" post (28 August, 2012), I stated that my plan was to do a detox and mental reset.  Well, I did just that this week and then some!

Normally when I detox, which I try to do annually, I do a juice fast under the care of my wonderful naturopathic doctor,  Dr. Stephen Bailey of the NW Naturopathic Clinic.  For only the third time in my life, I felt strongly moved to undertake a water only fast / detox.  (Now, I DO NOT recommend this course of action to anyone and by no means am I making any health care suggestions - please consult your own doctor.)

With tons of prayer and meditation, I drank six quarts of water daily for three and a half days.  I broke my fast with raw fruit, raw vegetables, and herbal tea.  After a day and a half, I reintroduced small portions of proteins back into my meals.

Just as I'd hoped, my detox cleared my system, gave my digestive track a rest, and profoundly increased my mental clarity and creativity.  I feel more in tune with my body, especially since I had to be extra sensitive to my energy levels and activity.  The time that I would've used to prepare meals, I used to work on creative projects and purge the clutter in my apartment.  I still have a ways to go on the apartment purge, though.  (Do I really need all of my MBA coursework from 2006?  LOL!)

AND - I started writing again!  I made some major headway on my novel.  Yup - this would be that piece I set aside and am now determined to finish.  In addition, I can say that I feel less overwhelmed and more rooted.

I spent time with my writing friends this weekend.  It was wonderful being with such a creative group of women!  My dear friend, Nancy Brophy, had us all over to her house to celebrate another writing friend's birthday.  Nancy's husband is a chef and culinary school teacher.  Her prepared a lovely meal composed of seasonal vegetables and baked salmon.  YUM!

Many thanks to Jessie Smith for inviting me to her writing focused birthday party.  There is really nothing like having a clear mind and beautiful, creative, and hilarious writing friends!

"Carry On" by Martha Wash (Full Intention Club Mix)

My best friend, Gerry Walker, gave me this remix track on a mix CD he made for my birthday.  He is a musician, singer, song writer, and author juggernaut with more talent in the tip of his pinkie finger than most people have in their entire body.  Needless to say, his music collection is quite vast and diverse.

I seemed to have this song on repeat mode the entire week.  I love the message and the beat.  Martha Wash has such a soulfully rich voice.  You really couldn't pick a more perfect vocalist for these song lyrics.  Plus, I had fun shaking my bootie to this beat, while I was shredding old documents and preparing boxes of stuff for donation.

"Carry on, When the valley's deep I'll be strong, With a mighty love to carry on, carry on..."

Happy Birthday, Jessie!


  1. Great post! I'm sorry I missed the festivities and am now jealous of Nancy's stemware.

  2. Warning to all friends.... if you don't follow Cheryl's blog (because you don't know it exists), you will find yourself in one of her blog posts, photo and all, and not have a clue that you are now an internet star :-) Thanks for the mention (sorry it's three months late.