Tuesday, January 29, 2013

True Self: "This Head I Hold" by Electric Guest

The past few weeks have been quite stressful...quite...stressful.  It's that time of the year where my day job requires tons of planning, reporting, and explanations for the downward trends that gripped our economy last year.  I had two big presentations to give to our senior leadership team.  The icing on the cake was receiving my first rejection for my current novel manuscript.  Yup - it was a week of many firsts.

Well - at least it's over - it truly is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  Now is the time to roll up my sleeves and dive into new adventures both personally and professionally.  I feel great.  I head to London in a few weeks.  And I've even managed to dust off my paint brushes and pulled out my art supplies.  In short, my newly discovered freedom has put me an extremely liberating creative space.

I'm excited to see the works I'll produce....trust me, I'll let you sneak a peek.  :D

"This Head I Hold" by Electric Guest

OK, this is the second song I've added to my mix tape that some could associate with depression and / or addiction.  (See Friendship: "No Rain" by Blind Melon.)  For the record, I am suffering from neither the later nor the former condition.  Now before you roll your eyes and think, "She's obviously in denial," I really am doing FANTASTIC.  In fact, I am perhaps in the best place I have ever been both mentally and physically.

Anyhow, I've heard this song playing on the radio, on television, and in a number of stores.  Each time this song plays, I pause listen and start dancing.  (Yes, I am THAT girl...the one dancing in the aisle at the grocery store while she ponders the merits of oatmeal versus kasha.)  It's rare that a song grabs me this way.  So I had to sit down and research the track.

I was glad to learn that I'm not completely behind the times...Electric Guest's Mondo is their debut album released in April 2012 and This Head I Hold was the first single.

For me, this song conjures up some classic Motown rhythms - especially the drums and vocals.  And the lyrics reflect a deep wisdom that comes from an old soul.  To be honest, I would have bet money that this song was a new release from Raphael Saadiq. (Check out Love That Girl and tell me what you think.)  I was pleasantly surprised to discover it's the work of a new band!

The lyrics can be taken literally to mean escape your troubles by listening to that dark voice that says 'Get high, Take drink.'  Or you can interpret it the way I do.... encouragement to do the introspective work needed to rise above life's challenges (and societal norms) and live life as your TRUE self.

"If I wanna be free, I gotta stop playin' round and runnin' from me..."

One of my many pairs of dancing shoes!

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